Parent Teacher Association


  • PTA is the primary link between the home and the school. If you are a parent of an Aristotle student, you are automatically a member.
  • PTA is dedicated to offering enriching experiences for parents, teachers and students.
  • The PTA sponsors social events and activities such as family parties, Apokriatiko glenti, various programs and school dances.
  • PTA prepares and provides the Student Directory for all families and facilitates classroom volunteering through room parents.
  • PTA works closely with our priests, the principal and the teachers for various fundraising efforts.
  • PTA Monthly Meetings are held at community room for parents to discuss concerns and activities.
  • Dues are collected by registration.
We urge all parents and teachers to become active participants. Involvement in the PTA is a really great way to meet other parents and teachers. We ask every parent to volunteer at least three times per school year. Your children love to have you at school helping out and you will enjoy it, too - we promise!!!