About Us

The Parish is the local eucharistic community of the Church in a given locality; organized under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese whose ecclesiastical authority is its canonically consecrated Hierarch. Locally, the Parish is headed by a canonically ordained and duly appointed Priest. The assignment of such appointed Priest shall bind the Parish to the Archdiocesan Regulations, Uniform Metropolis Regulations and Uniform Parish Regulations with the same force and effect as if the same were formally approved and adopted by the Parish.

The Priest as head of the Parish, by virtue of the ecclesiastical authority vested in him, shall guide and oversee the Parish. The Priest together with the Parish Council is responsible to the respective Hierarch for the whole life and activities of his Parish. Each Parish shall be administered by the Priest and Parish Council cooperatively. All committees or boards of the Parish, except for the Board of Elections and the Board of Auditors, shall be under the jurisdiction of the Priest and Parish Council.