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Established in 1951, the Aristotle Greek School continues to offer classes from preschool 3 years old through junior high, serving our community families and the surrounding areas.

2023-24 Saturday Greek School Calendar


Aristotle Saturday Greek School

Saturdays from: 9:00am – 12:30pm: Greek Language Classes

                              12:30pm – 1:30pm: Greek Dance Classes


Our mission is to teach the Greek language, Greek Culture and Greek Orthodox Faith.

The students will be able to have a better understanding of their Greek Orthodox heritage in a comfortable and happy environment that will strengthen their faith, enrich the historic and cultural events of their Greek descent, and develop a religious and patriotic awareness and identity to become tomorrow’s active members of the Greek community.

Our curriculum and instruction promote the Greek language, the Greek Orthodox faith, the Greek culture, as well as help the children in completing the intellectual development of positive, moral and ethical growth.

We emphasize oral practice, offered mainly by daily natural dialogue, dramatization, school theatre, songs, and school events.

Our goal is:

  • Build a team climate, motivate teachers, and increase student learning!
  • Teachers, students, parents and the whole community to identify, nurture and sustain a shared vision to help every student of the Aristotle Greek School achieve success in learning the Greek Language and to be proud of his/her heritage.

In the long term, the benefits and rewards of raising bilingual children goes beyond learning.

  • It preserves our heritage language, culture and faith.
  • The students learn a modern European language, one with a great influence in other European languages, including the English language.
  • They have better academic performance every day at school, high skills at solving complex problems and a positive self-image.
  • Statistically they score higher on standardized tests conducted in English, they can communicate better with more people, and have more career possibilities and job opportunities.

If you would like to get involved in any way with the Greek School or if you have any questions, suggestions and valuable feedback, please contact Anastasia Liapi at: