Parish Council

In accordance with the Charter and Uniform Parish Regulations constitution of the Archdiocese of America, the Parish Council, which consists of the Priest, and a number of elected lay members fixed by the Parish by-laws or by local statute according to the needs of the Parish, is entrusted with the stewardship and oversight of the temporal affairs of the church.

The Council is empowered to raise and expend money in accordance with an approved budget, to supervise church programs, to maintain church property, and, in general, to administer the affairs of the parish in a manner that is consistent with Christian principles and responsibility.

The Parish Council is responsible to the Parish Assembly and to the Metropolis Hierarch for its conduct of the parish affairs. A person who has been a member in good standing for at least a year, is eligible to serve on the Parish Council. Election to the Council is for a two-year term.

The Parish Council typically meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and all parishioners are welcome to attend.

2022 Parish Council


George Giolas
Vice President
Richard Kozlowski
Tom Sikoral
Asst. Treasurer
Tom Zavos
2nd Asst. Treasurer
David Loomos
Nick Megremis
Asst. Secretary
Argy Koutsikos

Council Members

  • Andy Andrews
  • Georgia Bepis
  • Dr. Thomas Bournias
  • Angelo Demeros
  • Bill Bozikis
  • George Coologeorgen
  • Perry Giannopoulos
  • George Giolas
  • George Houpis
  • Krystal Ioannou
  • Thomas N. Kanelos
  • Ted Karabatsos
  • Eleni Kiriazopoulos
  • Argy Koutsikos
  • Rich Kozlowski
  • David Loomos
  • Nick Megremis
  • Mike Pontikes
  • Anthony Rizos
  • Tom Sikoral
  • Tom Zavos