Sunday School

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We would like you to register for our 2020-21 Sunday School year. There will be No fees this year. We will be starting remotely, September 13th and reevaluate as time goes by and if conditions change. There are too many limitations to Sunday Liturgy attendance therefore we are not able to offer in person classroom Sunday School. By registering we will offer resources for your family to work together to benefit the spiritual growth of your children. Once we have class lists we will try to offer some zoom gatherings, they will not be on Sunday Mornings so that you can attend church or watch Liturgy via live stream or on Facebook.

By registering we will be able to prepare age appropriate lessons and resources for your family. We can email this to you or prepare a package of materials, including lessons and crafts which you can pick up from church. We encourage your family to attend Liturgy as often as you can by calling the church office, 847-647-8880 and reserving your seats. We will know when you will attend and be able to prepare materials for you to take home.

Please register online today! Follow the link to the registration form here: